To Mom, With Love: Create a Mother’s Day Flower Bouquet

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Old jars and thrift store finds are great for one-of-a-kind Mother's Day bouquets.
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Give mom a homemade bouquet of gorgeous, organic flowers for Mother's Day.

Mom loves flowers. Surprise mom with a beautiful homemade Mother’s Day flower bouquet.

• Small urn or pot
• Lamb’s ears (Stachys byzantina) or other soft, leafy herb
• Small glass jar
• Fresh flowers
• Small, handmade note or treat
• Packet of organic flower seeds
• A pin or a vintage brooch

1. Lay lamb’s ear leaves around urn rim.

2. Find a small glass jar or other vessel that will fit inside the urn. Tuck it inside and fill with water.

3. Cut flower stems so only blossoms stand taller than urn’s rim. Tightly pack blossoms into water-filled jar.

4. Nestle in a small gift–a handwritten poem or a flower-shaped cookie.

5. Pin flower seeds packet to the gift using a pin or a vintage brooch.


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