New Year, New Garden

Reader Contribution by Emily Kennedy

Because spring is approaching, preparing for the upcoming garden season with simple, money-saving tips can be a good way to begin the new year. If you have animals or small children, a gate will help keep your garden safe from harm. There’s an easy, creative way to make your own garden gate instead of spending the money on buying a brand new one.  Just by using trees from own yard, you can build the perfect gate that will keep anything out of your garden.  Simple Garden Gate is a great article that gives detailed instructions on how to build a gate by using materials that you probably already have. The article also explains how you can add your own personal touch to the gate by creating a unique design.

Another way to enhance your new and improved garden is to transform it into a raised garden. By using only three materials that you can get from your own yard, you can change your garden around in no time without spending a cent. Natural Wood Raised Garden, from the Instructables site, explains how to convert your garden to a more natural look in just five steps.