How to Make a Dress in 20 Minutes

Reader Contribution by Faith Towers
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Reposted with permission fromDesign Fixation.

Some of you may remember Faith’s Fifteen Minute Dress. Next up is Faith’s Twenty Minute Dress. This particular garment works well as a beach coverup, or you can cut longer fabric panels to wear it as a regular dress.

Below are detailed instructions. Wherever you see black dotted lines in these images, that’s where you’ll sew. For larger views of the illustrations, visit Faith’s Twenty Minute Dress on Design Fixation.








Tools and supplies: Besides the fabric for the dress, you’ll need elastic for the waistline. Assemble a scissors and needle and thread for your tools — it’s that simple.

Fabric: I recommend using a stretch fabric — I used a printed jersey. I prefer my hems raw when I’m using jersey, but feel free to hem the raw edges once you’ve finished constructing the garment if that’s what you prefer. Cut a single piece of fabric measuring 26 inches wide and 36 inches long for the back of your dress. You’ll also need two narrower panels that are 9 inches wide by 36 inches long for the front. The last piece of fabric required for this project is a narrow strip of casing (for the elastic) that’s 44 inches long. To determine the length of elastic you’ll need, measure just above your natural waist.

Step One: Sew together the right sides of the 9-inch-wide fabric panels at the top (indicated by dotted lines in the above illustration). Then, measure 10 inches down these panels, and sew from that point down to the bottom.

Step Two: Sew a seam along the top and bottom of the fabric strip that will be the elastic casing. Sew all the way around from the inside edge of one of the 9-inch panels, around the large back panel, straight across to the inside edge of the other 9-inch panel. Thread the elastic through the casing and secure on both ends with a small seam.

Step Three: Measure 11 inches from the top. With right sides together, sew from that point down the front center of the dress all the way to the bottom. Then turn it right side out, and you’re finished! Enjoy your new frock.

Need another sewing project? Check out Sewing Fixation for more sewing tutorials for all skill levels. Automatic downloads mean that you will be up and running in minutes. And if you liked this tutorial, you might also like Faith’s 25 Minute Dress project.

Photos by Design Fixation/Faith Towers