DIY Stone Benches

David Reed details how to build DIY stone benches with nothing but a little help from friends.

| January 28, 2014

Learn techniques for building functional and beautiful stoneworks that will last for ages with The Complete Guide to Stonescaping (Lark Crafts, 2013). With easy to follow instructions and hundreds of breathtaking photos David Reed shares stone projects to turn any yard or garden into a retreat. In the following excerpt, Reed offers a couple easy ways of constructing DIY stone benches. 

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DIY Stone Benches for Your Backyard

Imagine taking a welcome rest and enjoying your favorite vista while you sit on a bench you’ve built yourself. A well-built DIY stone bench, set in a favorite location, will see years of use and will require little or no maintenance.

Freestanding Benches

Freestanding benches — the simplest kind to build — may be located almost anywhere: under a tree, in the middle of a garden, on a woodland path, or next to a playground.

Although stone benches may not be as comfortable as garden furniture, when they’re set in the right location, they’re just as inviting. Choose a site to which you’ve always been drawn. A bench set in an area that you rarely visit won’t get the use it deserves.

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