How to Create an Eco-Friendly Family Craft Room

Reader Contribution by Ronique Gibson
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A craft room is the perfect place to relax and let your creative juices flow, whether you’re making gifts, decorative items or clothing for your family. While it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by synthetic art supplies, you can give the space an eco-friendly flair with just a few simple touches. By adding natural elements into your creative space, you can find inspiration for whatever you’re working on—almost as if you were crafting in the great outdoors.

1. Soften your craft area with eco-friendly textiles.

When you’re sitting in your craft room for hours at a time, there’s nothing like a soft pillow for your back or a comfortable seat cushion to add color to the space. If you have old sweaters or fabric lying around your house, why not repurpose them into throw pillows for your space? You can see the tutorial here on my post Make Homemade Pillows with Recycled Fabric for tips. I also like to swap out different colored material throughout the seasons to reflect the current time of year. With the fall season nearing, I will swap out this summery peach color for a rust or burgundy pillow to feel the warmth of autumn inside my craft room! Don’t be shy about using florals, patterns and other types of recycled material to add texture to your craft room seating.

2. Use your favorite natural materials for desk decorations.

A few years ago I decided to give my craft room a rustic feel. Instead of buying a brand new desk, I sanded down an old door and had it refinished and then sized to fit my craft room area. Repurposing is a great way to give old items a new function, and the rich stain gives my craft area more meaning. I also like to decorate with natural materials I have outside on my table. My daughter enjoys collecting seashells and pinecones, and we keep jars of our finds as decoration, and for easy access when we need them for crafting.

3. Decorate with family crafts that symbolize nature.

What’s more inspirational than the people you love? For that reason, I love to decorate with crafts created by my family. One of my favorite gifts is this flowerpot made from pipe cleaners, paper painted flowers, and a picture of my daughter that I received for Mother’s Day. As I’m working on gifts and projects for relatives and friends that symbolize nature, I often turn to this one as inspiration. Another craft my family enjoys is taking small sticks and branches, cutting them the same length and gluing them onto a pencil/pen holder for your craft room desk.

If you’ve been trying to add a decorative touch to your craft room, why not try these simple ideas? By bringing in some repurposed items and natural elements, you will give your space a fresh new look that will be sure to get that DIY feeling flowing.

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