3 Earthy Room Sprays

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Natural room sprays will effectively eliminate odors without the potential health hazards of commercial air fresheners.


Oven-Fresh Cookie
This sweet and spicy blend will rid your home of even the most unpleasant odors while infusing it with a scent that is both inviting and gently invigorating.

• 1⁄2 cup purified water
• 6 drops cinnamon bark essential oil
• 6 drops clove bud essential oil
• 6 drops sweet orange essential oil
• 6 drops rosemary essential oil


Woodsy Spice
If fragrances that are warm, deep, rich, round, pungent, earthy and penetrating appeal to you, then this is your go-to blend. The comforting, slightly masculine scent is perfect for the bedroom, den or living room. It tends to gently linger for quite some time, which is really nice.

• 1⁄2 cup purified water
• 5 drops cedarwood essential oil
• 5 drops geranium essential oil
• 4 drops patchouli essential oil
• 4 drops lemon essential oil
• 3 drops sweet orange essential oil


Stimulating Eucalyptus-Mint
Bright, sharp and ultra-fresh, this potent, green herbal combination is incredibly stimulating to the senses. It acts as a powerful deodorizer and works wonderfully well at eliminating strong household odors in the kitchen, bathroom, garage, mud room, as well as in Fluffy’s litter box area.

• 1⁄2 cup purified water
• 10 drops eucalyptus essential oil
• 8 drops peppermint essential oil
• 6 drops lemon essential oil

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