Making an Eco-Friendly Jump Rope

Save plastic bags from the landfill by making your own eco-friendly jump ropes.

| June 2016

In The No-Nonsense Guide to Green Parenting (Green Books, 2016) author Kate Blincoe explains that it’s not about being perfect — it’s about giving it a try, feeling the benefits for your family, and having fun while you do it. This guide provides essential advice on food and eating, eco-buying, learning and playing, family-friendly foraging, growing plants and food with your family, green days out, activities and parties, green parenting in the city, and balancing your green ideals in a busy life. Kate’s pragmatic approach will inspire you to balance green living with the realities of raising children. This excerpt describes how an old past-time, skipping rope, can easily be made eco-friendly with recycled materials.

Eco-Friendly Jump Rope

However hard you try, plastic bags have a habit of accumulating. This is a fun way of using them up, but you could also use old T-shirts or jeans. If your child hasn’t mastered skipping yet, then this is perfect for a tug of war.

You will need:

• 12 plastic carrier bags
• scissors
• gaffer tape


1. Cut open the plastic bags open so they are flat, then cut off the handles so that you are left with a rectangle of plastic.

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