Environmental Education: Green Curricula and Learning Activities

Reader Contribution by Miriam Landman
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you’re a teacher, parent, school administrator, or homeschooler, you might be
interested in some of these online resources related to green/environmental
education. These websites provide ideas for curriculum, lesson plans, and
hands-on activities for teachers and students. Most of these resources are
related to K-12 schools, but some also apply to higher education.

education is an important branch of environmental education. The concept of
“nature-deficit disorder” is described in the bestselling book Last Child in the Woods. It’s especially important for urban youth, who may
never have spent any time outside of their neighborhoods or cities, to be given
opportunities to explore and learn in nature/wilderness settings. At-risk youth
can benefit greatly from outdoor learning experiences provided by wilderness
programs such as Outward Bound, as
well as farm-based programs like those offered by the Center for Land-Based Learning.

For additional resources on green
curricula, click
And if
you know of other useful resources related to environmental education, please
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