Video: Building a Headboard from Materials in the Barn

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My wife created a “honey-do” list for me quite awhile ago and my schedule never allowed me to get started on that list. Like many other people in our country, I have found myself working from home more than I had in the past. One of the big items on the list is to clean the barn, and that got me thinking about the other line items on the list. As I looked at the different line items that would require me to build stuff, I immediately thought about all of the material that I had accumulated throughout my building career and how using that material to build stuff would be better than just throwing it out.

I was looking over the list and I saw the line item that said “headboard for our bed”, and I decided that I would move that to the top of the list. I went in and measured our California king bed frame so that I knew the sizes of material that I needed to build the headboard. As I headed out to the barn to see if we had material to build a headboard, I grabbed the video camera and filmed the adventure that I had searching for material and building a custom headboard.

I searched the barn for something sturdy enough to make a headboard out of and found an 8-foot-tall door that has been in the barn for years. I sanded the finish off of the door to see what kind of wood that it was made out of. It is amazing to see what treasures lay beneath old dust and paint!

For the side support legs, I found rough-sawn white oak and coaxed the boards into working with the old door. After locating just enough red oak and adding it as accent trim, I discovered that the headboard was too heavy to lift and move from the barn. I ultimately used our Sky Track, aka The Pink Panther, to lift and haul the headboard up to the house.

Join me on this adventure as I show you how to turn old, re-purposed material into a custom headboard. Please subscribe to my YouTube channel so that you can be notified when the latest project video is updated.

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