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If you’ve ever daydreamed about building a boat of your own, MOTHER EARTH NEWS has written boat-building articles that can help make that dream a reality. In these pages you can find articles on how to build a rowboat, a folding wooden boat, a canoe, a dugout canoe, a coracle (willow basket boat), a houseboat and a pedal boat. There is even an article on transforming a canoe into a sailboat.

Below are a selection of boat-building articles from our Archive.

How to Build a Coracle
How to build a seaworthy coracle — a large, basket-like, woven boat. Previously published as “Craft a Coracle.”

Build a Wooden Boat
Imagine a boat that is easy to build, transport and store. Follow these easy instructions to make a take-apart skiff for rowing, fishing, or just plain relaxing. Previously published at “Float Your Boat.”

How to Build a Still-Water Canoe
This simple wooden boat can be built in a weekend. Previously published at “Build a 4-Power Still-Water Canoe.”

How to Build a Canoe With Power Options
Part two of “How to Build a Still-Water Canoe.” Previously published at “Power Options for Puddleduck.”

Houseboat Living: The Return of the Brandy Bar
Houseboat living is an economical, pleasant alternative to the terrestrial treadmill. Here’s how to build a life-sustaining ship, including diagrams and instructions.

How to Build a Car Top Dinghy
This lightweight boat doubles as cartop storage and suits the first-time boat builder.Previously published as “The Happy Clam.”

How to Make a Cedar Dugout Canoe
Craft your canoe-carving skills, includes diagrams and photos.

A Recumbent Pedal Boat
Build this pedal-powered watercraft, including materials and tools list, and diagrams.

Life on the Water: Sailboat Living
John and Ellen Landrum share their experience of living self-sufficiently on a sailboat.

Build this Rowboat! This basic rowboat plan is simple and easy to construct for those with woodworking experience.

How to Build a Boat Out of Ferrocement
Learn the basic steps of building a cement boat. It’s easier than you think.

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