Bird Deterrent: The Spinning Scarecrow

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When in operation, your bird deterrent will look something like this.

As a bird deterrent, the standard human-shaped scarecrow has a long pedigree. The scarecrow presented here is a new concept. It’s made of aluminum cans, and if put together correctly will spin and whistle in the wind. Here is the assembly procedure:

ONE: Using a hammer and nail, punch holes in the center of the bases of two cans, then measure a point 1 1/2 inches up from each container’s bottom. Mark a line around the can at that level.

TWO: Use tinsnips to cut the tops off both of the throwaways. Wear gloves for safety’s sake.

THREE: Now divide, by cutting from the opened top down to the mark, each container’s side into 12 equal fins.

FOUR: Take a third can and, after first measuring and drawing a line, cut off the container’s lower 1 1/2″ section.

FIVE: Use a pair of pliers to twist the fins on the two “propeller” pieces (be sure that the blades of both cans will be bent in the same direction once the scarecrow is assembled) and insert the “drinking end” of the third can–snugly–into one of the finned containers.

SIX: Cut four slots–each one about 1 1/2″ long–around the open edge of the central can, and then bend the resulting tabs in slightly in order to push the remaining propeller piece securely in place.

SEVEN: Run a length of coat hanger through the central holes, shape the wire to keep the cans on their “axle,” and you’ll be ready to nail or staple the little spinner to any post or tree in your garden… to make starlings cram and crows clear out.