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Stephanie Bishop, Floral Designer and Sustainable Events Planner

Name: Stephanie Bishop

Occupation: Award-winning Floral Designer, Wedding and Event planner/Consultant, Manager, Business Owner, Chef, Photographer, Gardener and Author

Place of Residence: Central Wisconsin

Background: Stephanie is an animal lover, tree hugger, activist, gardener, bird watcher, writer, photographer and cook. Her passions are food, flowers and animals. She promotes beautiful, local organic, sustainable, non-GMO food and eco-friendly practices.

Her career highlights 38 years of experience in the floral industry as an award-winning designer, wedding & event planner/consultant as owner of Bishop Wedding & Floral Art and manager for some of the leading florists in the country. In the past she has been featured on TV spots demonstrating decorating and design techniques, taught design classes, designed and created thousands of pieces and transformed the visions of clients into one-of-a-kind events.

A certified Food Safety Manager, former chef and kitchen manager, with experience in food styling, and menu design, Stephanie loves cooking, baking, and experimenting with new cuisines. She is an avid gardener, canning and preserving the yields from her organic beds. Her specialties are pizza, salsa, pesto and using edible flowers and fresh herbs in her recipes. She shares her culinary creations and journalism with thousands of photos on social media.

Stephanie lives in and is restoring a surviving “Italianate Cottage” home mentioned in a book about historic architecture. The home is located on a unique acre lot in the city, with urban forest and 5 massive 100+ year old oaks. She hopes to preserve the forest as an oasis for wildlife, free from pesticides.

Stephanie earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts, a Programmer/Analyst degree and studied culinary arts. She is a member of Phi Theta Kappa. She enjoys writing, bird watching and spending time with her five adopted cats. She is a seed hoarder and cookbook collector.

Current Projects: Stephanie is hard at work refinishing cupboards, starting seedlings, prepping and building garden beds, cleaning up her yard, planting, harvesting daily herbs and baking.

Connect with Stephanie:

Follow Stephanie on her Facebook page Better Path Wisconsin, where she connects like-minded individuals about environmental, social and civil interests, and promotes green, healthy, sustainable living.

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