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Savanna Kaiser, Ozark Homesteader and Heirloom Gardener

Name: Savanna Kaiser

Occupation:  Savanna works at White Harvest Seed Company, her family’s business, and is a busy gardener and freelance writer. She’s also an author, blogger, book reviewer, and a very happy housewife.

Place of Residence:  Missouri Ozarks

Background and Personal History: Born and raised in Missouri, Savanna Kaiser has always loved the country life, gardening, and working with family. She was homeschooled along with her two siblings and grew up amidst her grandparents’ apple orchard and her parents’ auction business. When the family moved south to the Ozarks, their love for gardening changed life as they knew it. There in the rocky clay soil of Missouri, the Lord led them to start their own heirloom seed company.

White Harvest Seed Company opened in 2010 and is keeping Savanna and her family busier with each passing season. With a passion for heirloom seeds and teaching others how to grow their own food, they travel around the country leading seminars and sharing the products that have made an impact in their gardens. On their 40-acre family farm, Savanna personally helps with growing and saving seeds, packing orders, website management, and marketing. And that’s when she’s not writing, of course.

Savanna has had over 25 freelance articles published in various magazines, including her most recent story in Rural Missouri. Gardening is among her most popular and most written subjects. History is a close second.

Also a newlywed, Savanna and her husband, Andrew, enjoy working from their own two acres as well.  After building their house, they are now busy building new garden plots, cleaning up their property, and dreaming of further improvements to their land.  It’s one beautiful, complicated, and sometimes-daunting work-in-progress, but they love it.

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Other Fun Facts: Savanna is also an aspiring novelist of Historical Christian Fiction.  She is currently writing her first book set in 1863 Missouri.  She blogs regularly at The Engrafted Word, where she hosts author interviews, writes book reviews, and shares glimpses into her life in the Ozarks.  For more, visit her on Facebook and Twitter.

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