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Sarah Plotczyk, Dairy Goat-Keeping New Hampshire Homestead Manager

Name: Sarah Plotczyk

Occupation: Homestead manager, gardener, chicken and goat keeper, maker of many things, mom to three nature-loving children

Place of Residence: New Hampshire

Background and Personal History: Sarah and her family live on a small homestead, nestled between hills in a small town in New Hampshire. She has worked hard to restore the soils, prepare garden beds, and establish pasture on the hillside on which they reside.

Sarah started gardening in a small community garden plot in 2004. When they bought their house in 2008, one of the only criteria Sarah and her family were concerned about was a space for a garden. Two years into home ownership, they decided to add a flock of laying hens. And that was it — they were hooked.

Since then, Sarah and her family continue to simplify their life in many ways, while expanding gardens and working to produce as much of their own food as they can. Much of what they have learned about gardening and raising animals has been accomplished by jumping right in! Each year, they bolster their gardens and try out different methods for extending the short growing season they experience in their Zone 5A climate.

Sarah currently raises chickens for eggs and meat. She recently added dairy goats to the homestead and is thinking about what animal to add next — bees? Ducks? Turkeys? She would love to share with MOTHER EARTH NEWS readers her tips and tricks that she has learned along the way.

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