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By Staff

Nick Snelgar, Maple Field Farm and Dairy

Occupation: Small scale farmer/horticulturalist

Place of Residence: Martin, Hampshire, Great Britain

Background: I trained in agriculture, but moved across into horticulture in 1982. I founded the Futurefarms Community Farm in 2003, and became a homesteader in 2006.

Current Projects: The Prince’s Countryside Fund has graciously decided to invest in Maple Field Milk, the small-scale dairy operation I am starting in Martin, Hampshire. My goal is to milk a small herd of cows and provide the once-common “doorstep” milk to those in the local area who want it. I will be blogging about my learning experiences and the various steps of putting this project into motion in the Happy Homesteader blog.

Other Fun Facts: We built our own house in 1976 for our family of four. I don’t have much of a singing voice (ahem).

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