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Meghan De Jong, Registered Holistic Nutritionist and Seasonal Recipe Creator

Name: Meghan De Jong

Occupation: Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Organic & Seasonal Recipe Creator, Gardener, Forager, Food Photographer

Residence: Salt Spring Island, British Columbia, Canada

Background: Meghan is not your average 25-year-old. She lives in a 200-square-foot cabin with her partner, off the coast of Vancouver Island, where they live a very a minimalistic lifestyle. Here she spends most of her days growing food, creating delicious seasonal recipes, and developing her business “Meg De Jong Nutrition” all in support of the local organic food movement.

After receiving a Bachelor of Kinesiology from the University of British Columbia, Meghan then went on to study at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition (CSNN) to become a Registered Holistic Nutritionist (R.H.N.). Learning about our broken food system and the lack of public awareness surrounding the relationships between human health, diet and the sustainability of the planet, left Meghan with the desire to play her part in bringing about change to these issues.

The objective for her personal business platform, Meg De Jong Nutrition, is to teach people about the interconnectedness of human health, the food they eat, and the sustainability of the planet. As a nutritionist, Meghan uses her passion and determination, along with a touch of good fun, to inspire those around her to eat in a way that is healthiest for their bodies and supports the earth. It is one of Meghan’s biggest missions to help people understand that everyone can play their part in revolutionizing our food system. She shows people that no matter where they live, they too, can get in touch with where their food comes from, start to grow their own food, and make choices that support local and regenerative agricultural practices.

Meghan has much experience as an organic gardener. She made leap away from her busy city life to the small Pacific Northwest gulf island Salt Spring, in order grow food year round. She has worked at various organic farms across the globe from places such as Nicaragua to Australia and elsewhere in between. Her family owns a large farm in Southern Ontario where every year she works on expanding their vegetable gardens and fruit orchards.

Meghan tries her best to lead by example amongst the wellness community showing fellow health advocates the importance of looking to their own backyard for healing foods and herbs. Along with gardening, she is very keen on foraging and creating healing recipes from seasonal finds. Recipes such as her “Liver Loving Dandelion Corn Bread” and her iron- rich “Creamy Wild Nettle Soup” available in her “Optimal Health Guide for Spring” are great examples of this.

Current Projects: Meghan is the founder of Meg De Jong Nutrition, her personal nutrition platform, which offers tons of seasonal recipes, food growing tips, and nutrition education. She works with clients one on one to provide “garden-to-kitchen” nutrition support, and is the author of e-book entitledEat to Nourish. Meghan currently is creating a 4-part guide to seasonal eating. Check out the spring edition.

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