Mary Jane Phifer, Heritage Cattle Farmer

Name:  Mary Jane PhiferMary Jane Phifer Cattle Farmer

Occupation: Farmer, SteelMeadow Farm; Advanced Practice Registered Nurse (when she needs a day off of the farm)

Place of Residence: Mansfield, Missouri


BS Graphic Design
MA Art Education, post secondary
MS Nurse Midwifery

Current Projects:

Mary Jane and her husband raise Irish Dexter cattle and Valera Spanish goats, utilizing intensive grazing methods. 

They also keep bees, gardens and preserves, and prepare food in a variety of ways, including canning, baking, cheesemaking and general cooking.

Other Fun Facts:

SteelMeadow Farm has raised goats and poultry since 2004 and began with Irish Dexter cattle in 2006. The 82-acre farm is located in the Missouri Ozarks.

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