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Josh Bayne, Craft Distilling Academy Owner-Director

Name: Josh Bayne

Occupation: Owner/Director of Craft Distilling Academy

Place of Residence: Aurora, CO

Background and Personal History: Josh was born in the Central Valley of California, where the fog is so thick you can run your fingers through it. His love for agriculture has turned into a love for an agricultural byproduct: good spirits! Josh’s ancestors were involved in distilling, so it comes naturally. He’s a salesman by trade, a creative by trait, and a conservative by trial.

Current Projects: Josh is always involved in three to five projects at a given time. He’s always writing for Artisan Spirit Magazine, and doing spirit tastings. However, his most prolific project is his family — homeschooling three boys and ensuring his wife of 12+ years stays happy with him!

Other Fun Facts: Josh is a lefty. He’s worked in Uganda. He really dislikes avocados.

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