Craft Distilling

Learn more about the art of craft distilling in this fascinating podcast episode of Mother Earth News and Friends.

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In this episode Robert Riley, Senior Producer of the MOTHER EARTH NEWS FAIR, sits down with Kellsey Trimble of Grit Magazine and Victoria Miller, author of Craft Distilling. From mashing and fermenting to the legalities of operating a hobby still, this conversation brings many answers to questions you may have.

Our Podcast Guests Include

Kellsey Trimble, managing editor of Grit, enjoys immersing herself in the homestead lifestyle as frequently as possible. We were happy to have her on this episode as she continues to expand her expertise on self-sufficient living. You can find Kellsey’s blog, Thistle Moon Ridge, on

Robert Riley is the senior producer of the MOTHER EARTH NEWS FAIR and a sustainable living enthusiast. You can find Robert tirelessly running around the MOTHER EARTH NEWS FAIR making sure that everything is operating smoothly. It is important to Robert to lead a green lifestyle and to empower others to do the same.

Victoria Redhed Miller is the author of Craft Distilling.  She has spent years distilling her own craft beverages and has made a point to always do it legally.  She considers herself an “accidental activist” where craft distilling is concerned and has graciously given us her time to discuss the ins and outs of distilling.
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