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Jo deVries, Off-Grid Designer, Artisan, and Hobby Farmer in Ontario

Residence: Ontario, Canada

Occupation: Self-employed designer, writer, photographer, knitwear designer, card maker, beeswax candle maker, landscaper, mason, farmer and gardener. “Jill of all trades, master of few.”

Background: Jo, or “Jo of the Woods”, was born and raised in Ottawa, Ontario, but has since left the city for life in the backwoods.  Determined to understand what it means to live simply, Jo designed and built her own home, where she and her son, Jordan, have enjoyed a pioneer-type lifestyle without electricity.

Jo is continuing the task of developing her 6 ½ acres of bush land into a self-sufficient homestead. Author of two books, including Does Your House Know Where South Is?, and a number of published articles, Jo continues to write in order to share her many experiences; the good, the bad, and the many stupid things she has both witnessed and done.

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