Ep. 132 Hosting Solitary Bees

Interview with Thyra McKelvie

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Mason bee "belly flopping" on a dandelion.

In this episode of Mother Earth News and Friends podcast, Thyra McKelvie of Rent Mason Bees shares with us the important role solitary bees play in pollinating our planet and how we can easily host the solitary mason and leafcutter bees native to our area in our backyards. How do bees pollinate in your backyard? They bellyflop!

Thyra McKelvie runs the pollination program at Rent Mason Bees to help gardeners host solitary bees. Her passion is to educate and teach more people about solitary bees and the importance of taking care of all our pollinators.

Additional Resources:

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•         Inside a Mason & Leafcutter Block (see predators inside your block…the importance of why you need to harvest and clean) https://youtu.be/oDNejgF-w5g

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•         “When to Swap Mason Bee Block for Leafcutter Block” – https://youtu.be/nmAIqvJkW50

•         Learn what to plant in your garden to support pollinators. Pollinator Partnership has created “recipe” cards for your region. https://www.pollinator.org/gardencards

•         What Are Your Baby Bees Doing? Sneak a peak inside to see how mason bees develop. This is a 3 part series. Here’s number 1 https://youtu.be/Bgb_KVmcFLA

•         If you have kids or grandkids, we created a program to teach kids about pollinators with free printable workbooks and worksheets. Turn Kids into Backyard Scientists – Teach Kids About Mason Bees & How They Make Our Food – Rent Mason Bees

Learn How Leafcutter Bees Make Their Nests – https://rentmasonbees.com/purpleleafcutter/

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Carla Tilghman and Jessica Mitchell
Music: “Two Days” by Jahzzar

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