Jessica, Shipping Container Home Builder at Pacific Pines Ranch | MOTHER EARTH NEWS

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Occupation: DIY construction, welder/fabricator, forager, video editor, mechanic, photographer

Interests: Fishing, hiking, road tripping, exploring, traveling, building, designing

Values: Humility, loyalty, ambition, creativity, precision, hard work, honesty

Location: Pacific Pines Ranch, Oregon

About Jessica of Pacific Pines Ranch: Jessica is a hardcore DIYer who taught herself how to build, weld, and bring her ideas to fruition. She is developing a sustainable, off-grid property from the ground up and is building a shipping container home herself. Her eagerness to learn new skills keeps her ambition strong and her projects vast.

About 4 years ago, Pacific Pines Ranch was born from Jessica’s idea to escape the city life and chase her dreams out in the Oregon forest. The container house is designed from seven recycled shipping containers, and will be energy and water sufficient when completed. Pacific Pines Ranch was built on the principles of recycle, repair, and reuse, and that can be seen throughout the property and the container build. Their projects on the ranch range from mechanic work, to developing off-grid systems, to foraging their land for culinary and medicinal plants and animals, to building suspension bridges, and everything in between.

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