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Jeremy Obermeyer, Heirloom Vegetable Farmer and Owner of Obermeyer Heritage Farms

Name: Jeremy Obermeyer

Occupation: Heirloom vegetable and heritage livestock farmer

Location: Gypsum, Kansas

Background: Jeremy Obermeyer, along with his wife and family owns Obermeyer Heritage Farms. Obermeyer Heritage Farms is an all-natural farming and gardening operation using organic techniques to grow only heirloom vegetables and raise only heritage breeds of livestock.

The family’s mission is to not only raise all-natural, great-tasting food, but to also raise awareness of these varieties and help people become more self-sufficient by means of workshops, literature, and one-on-one assistance.

Jeremy has been gardening since he was a young boy helping his parents and grandparents. Gardening taught him responsibility, hard work, and the knowledge of what vegetables are actually supposed to taste like! Now that he has a family of his own, he wants to instill those same values into his own children and help them eat healthier.

Jeremy’s passion has also grown into helping share his knowledge with those who want to learn. Jeremy brings 25 years of gardening experience which he shares through speaking and assisting people as their gardens grow. He speaks and writes on topics such as modern homesteading, garden care, where food comes from and how to be self-sufficient.


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