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Jeremy Galvan

Occupation: Paramedic

Place of Residence: Hagerstown, MD

Background:  Jeremy has a been working as a Paramedic in Maryland for seven years. When his son Samuel was born at home in early January 2011 his life changed forever. Although he had delivered two babies in homes as a paramedic, the birth of his son was beyond his expectations. Weeks later a midwife was arrested in a neighboring state for practicing midwifery without a license. After realizing that every midwife who delivers a child at home in Maryland is committing the same crime, he decided something has to be done to change this. He created Maryland Families for Safe Birth and with the help of a team they have been building support for this cause throughout Maryland. They have been working to legalize midwives and educate the population about home birth and midwives today in the US.   

Personal History: Jeremy is married to his high school sweet heart Lisa. They’ve been married for seven years and have a young son Samuel. Jeremy was raised in western Maryland. He has a loving mother, father, brother and sister.  

Current Projects: Jeremy is the President of Maryland Families for Safe Birth, a non-profit organization working to legalize Certified Professional Midwives in Maryland.  

Other Fun Facts: Jeremy loves guitars. When he is not working to promote midwives, working as a paramedic, being a dad or trying to be a good husband, he is probably somewhere playing a guitar. He has also been an active Boy Scout for over 20 years. Currently he teaches adult scouts aquatic skills at National Camp School in Pennsylvania so that they can certify as Boy Scout Aquatic Directors at summer camp

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