Jan Spencer, Suburban Permaculture Advocate

Name: Jan SpencerJan Spencer Suburban Permaculture Advocate

Occupation: Advocate for a green culture and economy

Place of Residence: Eugene, Oregon

Background and Personal History: Jan has been transforming his quarter-acre suburban property for 15 years. The project shows what “Home Economics” and suburbia can look like — taking care of more needs closer to home, including food, energy, water, and culture.

Jan's interests are a convergence of economics, permaculture, human potential, urban land use, care for the environment and social uplift. Jan has been a social and environmental activist since high school.  He has traveled to over 30 countries on four continents.

Current Projects: Jan is currently writing a book, Notes from the Suburban Frontier. The draft preface for the book is found on his website.

Jan is also available for making presentations about transforming suburbia, economy and culture, in-person and online . These presentations are great for college classes, conferences, community groups and permaculture trainings. Jan’s contact info, CV and more topics he can address can be found on his website, www.SuburbanPermaculture.org.

Other Fun Facts: Jan has a BA in Geography and took a Permaculture Intensive Design Course in Austin, Texas, 1991.  Jan speaks functional Italian and has surfed competitively. He has enjoyed bike travels in France, Corsica, Sardegna, Sicilia, Italy, Austria and Greece. Jan is vegetarian and rides a 20-year-old recumbent.

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