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Elle Meager, Australian Homesteader and Herbalism Enthusiast

Name: Elle Meager

Occupation: Gardener, writer, homesteader, mother, natural remedy creator, grower of herbs and wild gardens

Residence: Queensland’s Pioneer Valley, Australia

Background: Elle grew up in a rural town, surrounded by farms and animals. Her earliest memories are in the chicken coop, helping her dad feed chickens, and of her first pony, a gorgeous little Shetland. She has always been a little different, a bit of a dreamer with a vision, preferring to be alone amongst trees and nature, loving the company of animals of any kind: horses, spiders, dogs, wild birds, dragonflies, every creature found in nature.

She strongly believes in the circle of life, sustaining nature, and treating others as you want to be treated. Deciding at age 10 to become a vegetarian because she liked animals better alive than cooked, she maintains this view to this day. Although, it has changed a bit in the way that she raises her own poultry for eggs, and cattle for meat for her family. She still doesn’t like them cooked, but feels at peace knowing that they have had the best life possible, without any kind of suffering. Elle is passionately against cage eggs; this is no way to treat animals!

Elle and her husband, Dan, live on a 10 area farm in the stunning Pioneer Valley, Australia, home of sugarcane production. They recently moved to this land, being finally fed up with the barren, gravel-type soil of the previous farm. They operated an online plant nursery for 10 years, before selling it to pursue a new project on nature-focused outdoor living lifestyles and backyards.

Their 10-acre farm is shared with four horses, three dogs, 11 chickens, uncountable cattle (depending on the state of the neighbor’s fence), kangaroos, snakes, kookaburra’s, native bees, eight 100-year old mango trees, over 40 different types of fruit trees, 12 gardens, and two children.

Elle is passionate about wild gardens. A nature-knows-best mentality. She doesn’t prune unless absolutely necessary and no rules are followed. She plants what she likes, where she likes it, and plants generally go along with the plan. The plan is to create an edible jungle, a walk-around-and-fill-your-belly farm. A chocolate pudding fruit here, followed by a mango, some raspberries, a few leaves of sambung for longevity, and a cherry on top.

Other interests include natural health (with a diploma in naturopathy), editing (diploma in web editing), writing (Certificate in Creative Writing), languages (Bachelor of Management – Tourism Major), herbs, and formulating and creating things like creams, lotions, soaps from home-rendered tallow and lard, shampoo, natural medicine, tinctures, and more.

Current Projects: Founder and editor at Outdoor Happens, a blog dedicated to creating the best backyard possible, with information and guides on gardening and creating gardens, farming, raising animals, outdoor cooking, living an outdoor lifestyle, and the tools and equipment you need to make it happen. Founder and creator at Smoothie Sailor, a blog dedicated to promoting natural lifestyles, with guides on home remedies, growing edible plants, gut health, naturopathy, herbal medicine, and general chemical-free living.

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