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Doug S., DIY Hobbyist and Outdoorsman

Name: Doug S.

Occupation: Independent insurance adjuster and founder/owner of Assistimate Estimating Services

Place of Residence: The beautiful Pacific Northwest

Hobbies: DIY projects, traveling, hiking, fishing, photography, vegetable gardening, grilling and barbequing

Background and Personal History: Doug was born and raised in the sunflower state of Kansas. His father was a third-generation homebuilder, so Doug grew up being interested in how things are put together. He’s always had a DIY outlook on life, leading him to trying all kinds of interesting projects, from completely restoring a 100-year-old craftsman-style house, to building a low tunnel mini-greenhouse in the backyard, to building his own online business.

While right now Doug does backyard gardening, he hopes to one day have some land so he and his family can grow more of their own food, raise livestock, and become as self-reliant as possible.

When Doug isn’t inspecting damaged properties during his day job, or when he isn’t preparing custom estimates online during his night job, he’s likely working on some sort of project, traveling, cooking, taking photos, or dreaming about his next trip to Glacier National Park.

Current Projects: One of Doug’s latest projects was creating Assistimate, an online estimating service designed to help property owners, contractors and adjusters with estimating building projects and damage repairs.

Other Fun Facts: Even though Doug doesn’t live in Kansas anymore, he is and will always remain a loyal Jayhawks fan (Rock Chalk Jayhawk!).

Doug once made a list of all the odd-jobs and career-type jobs he’s ever worked. The list included more than 40 entries, and most were unrelated! A true Jack of all trades, Doug thrives on saving money and conquering tasks that many people would hire out.

More Places to Find Doug on the Web:

His business website, Assistimate Estimating Services

His Facebook Page

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