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Cindy Dayton, New York Shepherd and DIY Enthusiast

Residence: Rural Western New York

Occupation: Technical writer, homesteader, DIY enthusiast, shepherd

Background: Cindy Dayton lives with her husband on a small farm that has been in the Dayton family since the 1950s. Together, they have raised two children, countless flocks of chickens, herds of pigs, cows, horses and now sheep. The Daytons are avid gardeners and grow and preserve a substantial amount of their own food. They raise honeybees, keep a home egg flock, make their own maple syrup, cut their own firewood, and have an endless list of homestead projects. Their love of the country stems from a lifetime of living and learning from others and from their own experiences.

Current Projects: Raising and herding Finnsheep, fiber arts (learning to spin and knit), gardening and preserving food, cutting firewood and sawing lumber on their sawmill, improving their timber stand for the future, and supporting wildlife.

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