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Bree McCauley Chile Off-Grid Homesteader and Honey Purveyor

Name: Bree McCauley

Occupation: English-as-a-second-language professor, homesteader, journalist, blogger

Place of Residence: Laguna Verde, Chile

Background and Personal History: Briana is a mother, wife, homesteader, honey purveyor and lover of nature with myriad experience in public relations, journalism, blogging, sales and marketing, international education and, interestingly enough, organic farming. Briana has accrued a deep appreciation for entrepreneurship, cultural exchange and big ideas through living abroad in Spain, Argentina and most recently a five-year stint building an off-grid home on the central coast of Chile with her hard-working husband. Briana is interested in living a conscious, creative life and providing a simple, mindful environment for their small daughter. She loves a good Malbec, traveling in South America (especially Buenos Aires), green living, organic beauty and solar panels.

Current Projects: Bree is currently very busy raising her young daughter and trying to continue blogging and writing as much as possible! She’s currently researching honey and other natural remedies along with bamboo products as a renewable resource.

Other Fun Facts: Bree used to be an avid vegetarian but after being exposed to real, grass-fed organic farming at her friend Nate’s beautiful farm (Breakaway Farm in Mount Joy, Penn.) she began eating only his meat! She eventually felt that it was a more honest way to eat — taking part in the raising, feeding and eventual respectful killing of these animals proved better for her than, for example, buying organic greens shipped by fossil fuels from a large company in California (which were most likely harvested by someone making very minimum wage). This former vegetarian even helped her now husband in processing partridge, quail and pheasant for their wedding on her in-laws farm.

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