Ep. 18 Harvest Your Honey

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In this episode of Mother Earth News and Friends, Charlotte French and Robert Riley meet with Becky and Steve Tipton to talk all about honey, including how to harvest from a Langstroth Hive.

Becky Tipton and her husband, Steve, own Country Creek Honey and have been producing and selling honey for 30 years. Becky is past president of the NE KS Beekeepers Association, VP of the Kansas Honey Producers, and a master beekeeper. She teaches beekeeping and using products of the hive for skin care by making soaps, lotions, and balms.

Steve Tipton has been a beekeeper for over 30 years. He received his master beekeeper award from the Univ. Of Nebraska, Midwest Master Beekeeper program. He loves sharing his passion for beekeeping.  Retired from the Goodyear Tire Co engineering dept., he’s made beekeeping his retirement job as well as other farming chores on our small Meriden, KS farm.

Steve Tipton’s Hive Hauler

The color of honey can vary greatly depending on what plants the pollen was sourced from.

Here is the video that Becky and Steve participated in before this podcast recording.  They are exploring a hive that has collapsed under the hive beetle.


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Interview with Charlotte French and Robert Riley

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