Could-Do Calendar September 2018

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 Could-Do Calendar September 2018

In this season of harvest, spend time making the food you eat as fresh, natural, and long-lasting as possible. And get your friends and family in on the fun!

By the Mother Earth Living Editors
September / October 2018

1. September 3 is Labor Day. Take a moment on your day off to appreciate the achievements of American workers — including you!

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2. Go apple picking! Enjoy your harvest right away, or make any number of apple butters, sauces, ciders, and pies.

3. Volunteer to help the hungry, or give a donation for Food Bank Day on September 7.

4. Collect, cut, and stack firewood, and make sure your fireplaces and chimneys are clean.

5. Start a garden plot for lettuce, arugula, radishes, and other cold-weather crops.

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6. Give up control, and let children and teens cook for Kids Take Over the Kitchen Day on September 13.

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