Where to Find Information on Renewable Energy Training

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One of the most common questions I get as a renewable energy educator is, “where can I find information on renewable energy degree programs and renewable energy training programs (nondegree programs)?”

The Evergreen Institute, which in the interest of full disclosure I should tell you is an educational center I founded and teach in, offers hands-on workshops on energy efficiency; residential renewable energy, including solar electricity, wind energy, and solar hot water systems; and green building. We also offer several online courses through the University of Colorado’s Continuing Education and Professional Studies program – with several more slated to come on line in 2010.

We’re not the only training facility on the map, though. There are many other options. To find other training facilities, you may want to check out the Interstate Renewable Energy Council’s website. They publish an online directory of four-year colleges and universities that offer both undergraduate and graduate courses in renewable energy and energy efficiency. Courses may be searched on IREC’s website by state, technology or both.

IREC also offers a renewable energy training catalog where you can browse for-profit and nonprofit renewable energy training providers in your area using a map-based search. You can “drill down” to view detailed information about each provider.

Good luck. And by the way, we’d love to see you at one or more of The Evergreen Institute’s workshops! You won’t be disappointed! We aim to provide the best renewable energy education in the world!

Photo from a renewable energy training course, courtesy of Solar Energy International.

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