Fill Your Waste Oil Heater With Free Fuel

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Fuel for your waste oil heater is so inexpensive you can heat your house, garage, and workshop and still have spare fuel to share!
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Many service stations across the United States still give away used crankcase oil, and some will even pay you to cart the "worthless" liquid off.
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It's an easy matter to strain used oil.
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Just pour the cleaned oil into the heater and fire' er up.

All over the country, owners of MOTHER EARTH NEWS’ Waste-Oil Heater
are stocking up on free
heating fuel at this very moment!

As the weather turns cold, it’s a sure bet that the
“gasoline crisis” of this past summer will turn into a
national shortage of winter heating fuels. Worse yet, while
the gas pump problem has inconvenienced lots of
folks, a lack of home-heating energy could be
dangerous. However, as we pointed out last
year  there’s a way to obtain
free fuel to heat your garage, workshop, or home, and that source of energy–used motor
oil–can be burned in our waste oil heater,
which you can build for a total investment of about $36 and
no more than one day of your time!

Better yet, most service stations are still letting their used crankcase oil go–by the 55-gallon barrelful–to anyone willing to haul it off.

So take a tip from us. If you haven’t already done so, build your own “free fuel furnace” so you can stock up with a winter’s supply of recycled “liquid heat” before the snow begins to fall!