Top 5 Benefits of Going Solar in 2017

Reader Contribution by Brooke Soldo and 123solarpower
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Solar energy is the largest renewable energy resource available to the Earth, and we need to start taking advantage of it. Solar energy is created by absorbing sunlight to create photovoltaic power, and be used for all the ways you utilize electricity — from charging a flashlight to powering your entire home. Here are five benefits of going solar in 2017.

You Can Save BIG

Most homeowners deal with stress about their electricity bills, because they have no way of battling the cost. The good news is that while electricity costs are increasing, the price of solar is decreasing. Installing solar panels can seem like a large expense if you don’t consider the lifetime savings.

Solar power for your home is one of the smartest and safest things to invest in. Their durable design ensures that they will last the average homeowner anywhere from 25-30 years. Not only do they save you money on your energy bills, but they require little to no maintenance at all beyond annual check-ups.

Solar Can Increase Your Home Value

In addition to the savings that come with reduces energy bills, solar owners can expect to receive a large return on investment if or when they decide to sell their home. Finding a home with solar panels is a great bonus feature that studies show many buyers will increase their budget for.

Solar Panels Can Shield Your Roof

Quality solar panels are strong and extremely durable. They will block your roof of any UV light coming from the sun that can otherwise contribute to cracking, decaying or warping. The installation of solar panels also allows you to protect your home from harsh weather conditions, such as heavy rain, hail and snow. Solar will protect your roof from all of these stressors and can save you from spending excess money on roofing repairs.

You Will Help Employ Thousands

According to The Solar Foundation, we can expect to see a 10% increase in jobs in the United States due to solar installations alone in the next 12 months — more than 285,000 jobs this year. According to a report published last year by the United States Department of Energy, the solar industry employed over 40% of the Electric Power Generation labor industry while the entire fossil fuels labor industry employed around 20%. More solar users = more solar jobs.

You Will Protect the Environment

Solar energy is a renewable resource which means that unlike fossil fuels, we will never run out. Unlike other fuel sources, solar energy does not produce greenhouse gas emissions. When you choose to go solar, you are helping the environment by lowering energy-related pollution and eliminating this contributor to climate change from your home.

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