What Do you Think About Small Solar Gadgets?

Reader Contribution by Staff
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Photo by Pixabay/andreas160578

Many people dream about powering their homes with solar energy, but aren’t ready to make the investment in solar panels just yet. But chances are you’re already using solar power at home, even if it’s only in a small way.

There are a growing number of small, inexpensive solar-powered gadgets available that fit nearly every budget. That includes not only the familiar solar calculator, but a growing array of solar flashlights, radios, cell phone chargers, outdoor motion lights and more. Solar-powered products also are useful around the homestead, for example, for solar-powered electric livestock fencing.

Over the last couple of weeks, we ran a poll asking people if they were using these small solar-powered products and a surprisingly large number of people —almost 90 percent — said yes!

Now we’d like to know more about what you think of these solar gadgets, including what products you’re using and why — or why not. For example, do you have a solar cell phone charger or radio around because it’s a good backup for emergencies? Are you using solar motion lights because they’re convenient? Do they save you money?

Beyond that, what do you think about these small solar products in general? Are they gimmicky? Interesting? Useful?

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