My Friend Mark Seiden Went Solar on His Business and He's Saving $57,000

Reader Contribution by Seth Leitman
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I have know Mark for years. Since I have known him (give or take a few years or so) Seiden asked me what were the best ways to go green and save energy at the same time.  

Then two years ago, we started with CFL bulbs.  Now I’m trying to get him to go LED and get really green lighting in effect.  In time. In time. 

More importantly though he went solar (no not postal; just solar) with the help of Sunrise Solar Solutions, LLC (Sunrise).  Now he’s saving about $57,000 over the next 20-plus years.    

Sunrise is a local business committed to quality solar installs.  Seriously they’ve done jobs I couldn’t afford if you told me you were going to take me out back..  Regardless, they are NABCEP Certified owned by Eric and Hillary Messer.  Their trick to success is by owning Sunrise Building & Remodeling, Inc.  They now have the powerhouse to install and get recognized on the quick. 

So now Sunrise laid down a 5.18 kW solar array that goes really intelligent on the situation.  They got an intellgent inverter system that’s like Yogi Bear, a smarter solar system for the average bear.   

You see, while some inverters measure overall consumption,  Eric Messer hooked up Seiden so that he will know how much electrical power EACH panel is generating in electricity, regularly and in real-time.  Bam!! Check it out!!! Real time. 

Energy Savings – Cash Prizes!!

According to Sunrise, most systems start making you money by Year 5 on commercial installations. Over the life of the system, Seiden will be saving about $48,000 – $57,000!

According to Messer, “While these are not the exact numbers for Seiden; if you financed your solar system at 6.25 percent for nine years and put down 10 percent of the net or $9,800, you would get your down payment back after Year 1 and be cash positive from then on.” 

So here’s the bottom line: 

  • You would save an average of $3,900/year during the loan period and over $11,000/year when your loan is paid off. 
  • Besides added value to his property, his building and his system is exempt from any tax assessment increase.
  • And, by coincidence or fate, the Village of Briarcliff Manorapproved the building permit for Seiden’s building on Earth Day! That’s truly a sign from above!  

Sunrise also was able to connect Seiden’s solar installation to the grid and have his meter go backwards!!! Yeah!! I wish I was there for that. What a site that is to see!   

As I said before, I’ll say again.  Seiden getting his solar permit on Earth Day and saving $57,000 and the meter running backwards!   

It’s Red, White, Blue and Green all over!!!

Source: Mark Seiden Real Estate and Sunrise Solar Solutions, LLC 

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