Find Financial Incentives for Renewable Energy

Renewable energy enthusiasts often find their good intentions
thwarted by the high cost of solar and wind power systems. But
these clean, self-sufficient energy sources are more feasible than
it may appear at first glance. State and federal energy incentives,
including rebates, tax credits and net-metering, can help you
install a renewable energy system and still stay within your
budget. Paired with an
Energy Efficient Mortgage (EEM) ? created to
help homeowners either make energy upgrades to an existing home
or purchase an energy-efficient home ? they can make renewable
energy much more affordable.

While such incentives are exciting, ever-changing legislation and
programs that vary by state can make understanding them confusing ?
which makes groups such as Energy Star, the
U.S. Department of
and the Database of State Incentives for Renewables and
invaluable resources. Both Energy Star and the DOE
offer information on EEMs on their Web sites, and the Incentives
Database is the go-to site for information on state-by-state
renewable energy incentives, as well as a number of federal
programs, both for individuals and corporations.

The Incentives Database provides information on grants, tax
credits, rebates, leasing information, loan programs and much more
? basically everything you and/or your tax advisor would need to
claim the incentive. And in case any of the terms are unfamiliar,
they’ve included a handy glossary.

You can find more news about renewable energy incentives and DIY
renewable energy projects at
Mother Earth News.
And you can view photos of solar homes from the National Solar Tour

, and see how people like you have put renewable energy
systems into their homes.

Have you taken advantage of renewable energy incentives? Share your
story in the comments section below.