5 Unique Ways to Use Solar Power

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Solar power is taking the world by storm. People are not only using it to produce energy by placing solar panels on their roof, but they are starting to use the technology in new ways. Here are some other unique uses for solar power:

Heat Storage Tubes

These modern and sleek-looking tubes seem like something from the distant future, but they could be making their way into homes much sooner. They are cylinders made out of fiberglass and filled with water. As long as they are placed in a location that gets sun, the water will heat up and become a heat source. The nice thing is that with the right theme in your home, you can use these as room dividers or just as part of your home décor.

Source:7 Ways to Use Solar Power Around the House

Solar-Powered Water Heater

Instead of wasting precious electricity and gas to heat up water in a water heater, you could use the power of the sun. A solar-powered water heater is perfect for those who want to conserve natural resources AND save money on their electricity or gas bill.

Worried about the winters? Don’t be! The unit will charge during the sunniest days of the year, and that will be enough to keep water warm through the coldest days.

Naturally-Heated Pools and Hot Tubs

Just like solar panels can heat water in cylinder tubes and water heaters, they can do the same for your pool and hot tub. Many people don’t get a heated pool or hot tub because of the cost of heating it, but with solar energy, it would be free. There are special units that sit in the water that will generate heat from the sun, which will make your pool and hot tub a comfortable temperature. 

Solar Vehicles

Solar cars aren’t travelling down the streets of the U.S. just yet, but they will likely be showing up in a few years. Solar panels can be placed on the roof and even the sides of the cars to generate the energy they need to run. What’s great about this is that you don’t have to fill up on gas or plug in your car for charging.


Source:Stella, The First Four-Seater, Solar-Powered Vehicle Hits the U.S. Road

It won’t be too long before we start to see other solar-powered vehicles such as trucks, tractors, and other agriculture equipment. This will end up saving the environment even more by cutting down on pollution and the use of fuel.

Solar Paint

Solar paint is another invention that may not be too far away from being much more common. With solar paint, all you have to do is paint it on your home, and the solar cells will start to generate energy. It’s a less expensive and practical way to switch over to a renewable energy source.

With these unique ways to use solar energy, it’s likely solar-powered products will be becoming much more commonplace very soon. This is such good news considering that our natural resources are being depleted at alarming rates. Look out for the latest advancements in solar energy to ease yourself into a new way to power your home and office.

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