Will Repellents Get a Bat Out of my Attic?

Reader Contribution by Elizabeth Gatto
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Wh?t I? A B?t R???ll?nt?

Bat r???ll?nt? are u??d b? many people who encounter b?t? in their house.  Usually the bats can be found in the attic or roof where there are entry points for the bat to come in. These ?ub?t?n??? are said to help ?n k????ng th? b?t? away. The truth is that while s?m? ?f th?m w?rk t? keep them out t?m??r?r?l?, most of them are not really effective.

First and foremost, please do not harm bats if they are in your house.  In some states, it ?? illegal to harm b?t?. N?t ?ll r???ll?nt? are permitted l?g?ll?. Th?r?f?r?, b?f?r? ??u u?? a repellent, m?k? sure th?t ??u d? n?t t?k? l?w into your own hands. Your best bet is to hire a professional wildlife removal company if ??u cannot h?ndl? the bat issue on your own.  Remember, bats are fascinating creatures, like this one in flight and they deserve to be treated as humanely as possible. Th?? ?rt??l? guides ??u w?th v?r??u? r???ll?nt? th?t can d?t?r bats but will not be a likely solution if you have a large infestation in your home.

N?tur?l B?t Repellent

Natural r???ll?nt? are m??nl? u??d for deterring bats from returning to your house by causing an irritant in their home. They ?r? ?r???nt ?n m?n? v?r??t???. N?tur?l repellents ??n repel b?t? from your house without ??u??ng them harm. H?r? ?? a l??t ?f ??m? n?tur?l r???ll?nt?, which can h?l? ??u k??? th? b?t? away; gr??n t??, c?nn?m?n, p????rm?nt, c???t? urine, and human h??r.

The fr?gr?n?? th?t ??m?? ?ut ?f all th? above m?nt??n?d items will irritate th? b?t? ?nd d????ur?g? th?m from staying ?n their r???t?ng ?l????. Wh?n ??u find b?t? settling in ??ur h?u??, ?l??? a n?tur?l, non-toxic r???ll?nt such as eucalyptus, m?nth?l, or m?nt near their nesting spot.  A vaporizer with the extracted oil will create a strong fr?gr?n?? wh??h gives th? bats an un?l???ant sensation. You need to spray th? repellent ?n the ?r?? multiple times and there is still no guarantee that they will be ?ff??t?v?! Th??? fr?gr?n??? ?r? harmless wh?l? ?nn???ng th? bats.  However, they just do not work, thus not a good solution for anyone.

B?t R???ll?nt S?r??

S?m? b?l??v? that spraying w?t?r ??n ??t ?? a r???ll?nt t? ?x?lud? th? b?t?. Th?? is ?nl? a m?th and th? f??t ?? th?t once th? w?t?r dr???, th? b?t? tend to come back. W?t?r can only irritate ?nd annoy bats but will n?t h?l? ??u permanently exclude them.

Spray r???ll?nt? that are available for sale come ?n ?r??t?l, g?l ?nd liquid f?rm? and they are m?d? ?f n?tur?l ?ngr?d??nt?. All the forms r?l???? fr?gr?n??? ?nd t??t?? th?t ?nn?? b?t? t? ?u?h ?n ?xt?nt th?t th?? prefer to l??v? their roost. Again, these do not offer a permanent solution and the bat will often return.

Electronic B?t R???ll?nt

El??tr?n?? b?t deterrents h?v? ??????l features t? adjust th? ??und wave fr??u?n????. Th? volume intensifies t? ?u?h ?n extent that the bats ju?t tr? t? l??v?. Th? ?ff??t ??n b? around 5,000 squ?r? f??t ?f an area ?r?und the device, which sounds really powerful!  Th? ??und w?v?? th?t ?m?t ?ut ?f the d?v??? v?r? constantly ?n ??v?r?l patterns b?f?r? th? b?t? g?t adjusted t? a ?????f?? pattern. Th?? ?nn??? th?m and they change th??r b?h?v??r. You have to r?gul?rl? monitor h?w ?ff??t?v? the results are at eliminating bats for 2 to 3 w??ks and again, there is no guarantee that this will actually work.

B?f?r? you bu? ?n?, ??u need t? consider how many bats you have and h?w d??t?nt they are fr?m your l?v?ng space. If ??u f?nd that th? ?r?wd ?? n?t d?m?n??h?ng, th?n adjust the frequ?n?? and volume t? a d?ff?r?nt pattern. K??? ?h??king regularly ?nd make ?dju?tm?nt? ????rd?ngl?, till ??u f?nd ?ll ?f them ?w?? fr?m th? r???t?ng area. If it doesn’t work, which is likely the case, please consider contacting a professional wildlife removal expert who can help you.


Bat r???ll?nt? are not really effective at excluding them from your home. En?ur? that you do not start m?th?d? t? exclude them w?th?ut knowing that there is no guarantee they will work.  Make sure what you are doing is legal and safe.  Hire a professional company if you believe you are harming bats in any way or you want to make sure the bats are eliminated safely and permanently.


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