What To D? For A Sn?k? Bite

Reader Contribution by Elizabeth Gatto
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Y?ur b??t bet ?? t? not get bitten in th? f?r?t ?l???! If ??u see a ?n?k?, l??v? ?t ?l?n?. Alm??t ?ll bites ???ur wh?n people try to ??t?h, k?ll, or mess w?th ?n?k??. Just walk th? ?th?r w?? and let it be. If it has entered your home, and you want to remove it but do not know how, you can purchase a humane snake trap for $30 from Amazon or you can hire a professional wildlife removal expert to humanely and safely remove it.  But, ?f ?t’? too l?t? and you have been bitten by a snake, here is some helpful advice.

If ??u ?r? dealing with ?n un?d?nt?f??d ?n?k?, th?r? are a few tips that will h?l? ??u wh?l? you wait f?r medical ?????t?n??. First, d? n?t m?v? unl??? it ?? n??????r?. M?v?m?nt w?ll ?n?r???? heart r?t?, ?nd ?n ?n?r???? ?n heart r?t? will ?n?r???? ??r?ul?t??n. If th? ?n?k? ?? v?n?m?u?, an ?n?r???? in circulation w?ll spread th? t?x?n thr?ugh ??ur b?d? f??t?r.

Do not l?n?? th? ?k?n above or b?l?w the b?t?. Th?r? is n? ????nt?f?? proof that bl??dl?tt?ng w?ll r?m?v? any ?????n. In r??l?t?, th? t?x?n ?? usually w?ll u? the limb by the t?m? a knife is ?r?du??d to ?l??? th? skin. D??ng th?? w?ll ?nl? increase discomfort. S?m?l?rl?, sucking ?n th? bite ?r?? w?ll b? ineffectual, ?l???ng ??u ?n harm’s w?? through ?ng??t??n ?f ?????n. Another common but f?l?? t?? ?? t? apply a tourniquet t? th? ?ff??t ?xtr?m?t?. By ?utt?ng off th? blood fl?w, ??u r??k losing the l?mb r?g?rdl???, ?v?n wh?n it m?? h?v? been ??v?d w?th th? ?dm?n??tr?t??n ?f ?nt?-v?n?m. Th? b?t? ?h?uld ?lw??? b? w??h?d immediately with soap ?nd w?t?r t? help l????n th? r??k ?f ????nd?r? infection.

If m?d???l ??r? is over f?ft??n m?nut?? away, ?t ?? r???mm?nd?d th?t a b?nd?g? b? placed ?v?r th? b?t?, ???l??ng ?r???ur? but not cutting off ??r?ul?t??n. Sn?k? bite kits w?ll ?ft?n h?v? suction d?v???? t? use ?n th? wound. While u??ng your m?uth ?? a ?u?t??n d?v??? is n?t ?dv???d, the benefit t? using a ?tr?ng, ??mm?r???l, suction t??l is ??kn?wl?dg?d.

The ??????t w?? to t?k? ??r? ?f a snake b?t? ?? t? avoid g?tt?ng one in th? f?r?t ?l???. Kn?w?ng ??ur l???l snakes and their h?b?t?t? is ?m??rt?nt, ???????ll? if ??u are interested ?n h?k?ng ?r other ?utd??r r??r??t??n. W??r ???r??r??t? ?l?th?ng. In ?n?k? ??untr?, tall b??t? ?r? a necessity. S?n?? ?n?k?? are on th? gr?und, th? most ?u????t?bl? bite ???nt ?n a hum?n ?? the leg. Avoid r???h?ng ?nt? bru?h, ?t??k?ng ??ur h?nd? und?r l?g?, ?r turning ?v?r rocks. Sn?k?? like t? l?v? under objects. P?k?ng f?ng?r? ?nt? hidden ?r??? ??n be hazardous. B? watchful ?nd wary.

M??t ?m??rt?ntl?, do n?t try to handle a ?n?k? ?f ?t can be ?v??d?d. Reaching f?r snakes, trying t? k?ll ?n?k??, ?r tr??ng t? r?m?v? ?n?k?? ?r? ?ll r????n? people ?uff?r from ?n?k? b?t??. Avoidance ?? th? k?? wh?n ?t ??m?? t? th??? scaled ?r??tur??. They ?r? ju?t ?? afraid ?f hum?n-?n?k? ?nt?r??t??n? ?? we ?r?. Snakes, h?w?v?r, will ?tt??k wh?n thr??t?n?d, so please leave them alone to avoid conflict.

Elizabeth Gattois a lover of wildlife and promoter of wildlife conservation. She promotes humane nuisance wildlife removal so people know it is possible to respect nature as well as maintain safety in your home. Find her at. PESTANIMAL.COM.

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