‘The Farm Then and Now’ by Douglas Stevenson

Reader Contribution by New Society Publishers
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In late 1960s San Francisco, the colorful and celebrated counterculture icon Stephen Gaskin set in motion a chain of events that would lead to one of the most dynamic social experiments of modern time.

“Monday Night Class,” a weekly gathering which drew together an eclectic mix of truth-seekers and flower children, soon became a caravan of 60 school buses on an epic journey for peace and love.

Tennessee became the Promised Land, a place to put ideas into practice. It was here, on 1,700 acres of forest and a field, that The Farm, the world’s best-known intentional community, was born.

The Farm had one goal: change the world … and in many ways it did, but the world also changed The Farm. This is the story of The Farm Then and Now (New Society, 2014), told by Douglas Stevenson, a member for 40 years. The Farm has been featured on CNN, Vanity Fair and Atlantic Monthly, as well as many other regional and national publications.

The Farm Then and Now is the first insider look at the successes and shortcoming of this ongoing social experiment, tracing its evolution from what was once the largest commune in the world into an exceptional example of living lightly on the land.

Douglas Stevenson has been a member of The Farm Community for 40 years. His company Green Life Retreats hosts the Farm Experience Weekend and other instructional seminars about sustainable living.

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