Slow Money Conference Offers Early Registration Discount

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Slow Money, Boulder, Colo.
The first 100 people to register by Dec. 31, 2012 will receive an early bird discount price.

The following press release was provided on Dec. 6, 2012, bySlow Money.

We are pleased to open early bird registration for the Fourth Slow Money National
Gathering in Boulder, Colo., April 29 through 30, 2013. We are underwriting a
limited number of discount tickets for the first folks to sign up this year.

Our national gathering brings together entrepreneurs,
investors, thought leaders and just plain regular folks who want to know where
their food comes from and where their money goes – all working
together to bring money back down to earth.

Over the past two and half years, more than $21 million has been invested in 180 small food enterprises,
and 17 local chapters (including one in France) have been formed. In six
communities, Slow Money investment clubs have begun creating new venues for
scores of individual investors to collaborate with one another in providing
capital to local food enterprises.

Slow Money’s national gathering plays a critical role in
this process, bringing folks together to cross-pollinate across regions, deepen
our shared vision and otherwise impel forward the work that connects us. One of
the highlights of these gatherings is the Entrepreneur Showcase, featuring
funding presentations from dozens of leading food entrepreneurs from around the
country. The 4th National Gathering is limited to 850 attendees.

is the home of Slow Money’s national office, as well as many organic food
companies. We’re meeting downtown, enjoying the ambiance of the Boulder
Theater, Rembrandt Yard, the Boulderado Hotel and Boulder’s fine restaurants, many of which are
committed to local and organic sourcing. The first 100 tickets sold by December
31 are offered at a discount.

Speakers include:

Wes Jackson, MacArthur Fellow and founder of The
Land Institute

Winona LaDuke, Renowned activist and Executive
Director of Honor the Earth

Don Shaffer, President and CEO of RSF Social Finance

Jim Gerritsen, President of the Organic Seed Growers
and Trade Association

Joan Gussow, Former Chair of the Nutrition Education
Program at Teachers College, Columbia University; Author of This Organic
; and someone who Michael Pollan has referred to as “my

Gary Nabhan, MacArthur Fellow and prolific
author, often called “the father of the local food movement.”

So please mark your calendar, reserve your badge and make
your plans to be part of the Slow Money movement!

“Slow Money is one of the few things that gives me
hope. I’ve been involved in many movements over the years. I can’t tell you how
happy I am to be a part of this one. It has a chance to make a real difference.”

– Michael Kanter, Owner, Cambridge Naturals

“It brings tears to my eyes.”

– Jim Baird, Baird Orchards

“We need Slow Money… fast.”

– Mardi Mellon, Union of
Concerned Scientists

Learn more and register today for the Slow Money National Gathering.