Public Vote Decides Use of Waterways Donations

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America depends on its millions of miles of waterways for many different things, from drinking water and electricity, to transportation and recreation. Often, these waterways go unappreciated, and their value and importance unrecognized. With these waterways rapidly depleting across the country, it is time to give them the attention and care they deserve.

The personal care product company, Tom’s of Maine, is looking to step in and aid the waterways of America. The company has spent the last 45 years developing and producing natural personal care products that focus on natural, responsible, and sustainable practices and products. Tom’s of Maine also donates 10 percent of its profits organizations that help restore and protect the planet.

Tom’s of Maine will be donating 1,000,000 dollars in 2018 to The Nature Conservancy to help protect and repair the waterways of America. The company is looking to spread its donation far and wide, and is asking the public for their help deciding which causes need the money them most. Anyone can go onto the company website and vote for 1 of 4 causes they believes needs them most attention and help.

The following are the four possible options for individuals when voting:

The Colorado River Basin: Restoring and protecting water supplies for people and nature.

The Mississippi River Basin: Restoring key floodplains to reduce nutrient pollution in a basin that covers (or drains) 41 percent of the U.S.

East Coast Dam Removal: Freeing miles of river from Maine to Maryland by removing dams and improving habitat connections.

Sustainable Rivers Program: Working with the Army Corps of Engineers to better balance what people and rivers need to thrive.

The top three voted projects would receive 25,000 dollars, 15,000 dollars, and 10,000 dollars, respectfully, in addition to a guaranteed base level of support provided for each project. With this public poll, Tom’s of Maine has left it entirely up to the public voters which project will receive the most attention and funding.

Remaining funds from the Tom’s of Maine donation will go towards supporting the Conservancy’s North American freshwater program, which will help on-the-ground projects long rivers and river basins, as well as water-use management projects to ensure that more of our waterways are protected in the future.

To vote, simply go to their website and cast your vote for the project you think deserves the most attention.

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