Picnic for the Planet on Earth Day 2011

Reader Contribution by Brenna Long
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What better way to celebrate Earth Day than having a Picnic for the Planet? On April 22, join the rest of the planet to celebrate the Earth, the food it provides and the people who live here.

It’s as simple as finding some friends and enjoying lunch in your favorite outdoor spot. The Picnic for the Planet event, created by The Nature Conservancy, can help you come up with goodies to bring to the picnic, and even has a map of the different picnics happening around the world. If you are going to join in the Picnic for the Planet, go to the website and mark yourself as a picnicker in your town.

Plus, read about five steps you can take right now to fill your plate and tummy with eco-friendly foods.

So let’s go outside and enjoy lunch on Earth Day!

Photo courtesy of The Nature Conservancy