Nathan Kipnis Addresses Post-Peak-Oil Design

Reader Contribution by Robyn Griggs Lawrence

Chicago architect Nathan Kipnis delivered my favorite line of the day during his keynote address this morning when he said that in his world, “People’s IQs are four times their car’s miles-per-gallon rating.”

Kipnis also presented 10 key areas that designers, builders and citizens should be striving toward in the post-peak oil era. 

  1. Appropriate public transportation (including rail service between cities and reviving the Great Lakes as a shipping area)
  2. Regionally or climactically based
  3. Local, recycled materials
  4. On-site water collection
  5. Right-sized buildings
  6. Energy conservation
  7. Buildings should produce energy
  8. Passive solar design
  9. Local food
  10. Local work 

Kipnis pointed out that we aren’t likely to solve the post-peak oil crisis as individuals but in community.

“It’s really about community and being prepared as a group,” he said.

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