Sources for Monarch Butterfly Waystation Plants

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It’s fun and easy to bring unique Monarch butterflies to your back yard. By making room for a few butterfly-attracting plants in your landscape, you can create a “monarch waystation,” or refuge, for this threatened population. Plus, you’ll be graced by the beautiful winged creatures year after year as they carry out their 1,500 mile migration. For information about Monarch Waystations, see “Relief for Weary Monarch Butterflies.”

Listed in alphabetical order by state, the mail-order nurseries below offer at least two species of milkweed (Asclepias), the only plants that will support larval monarchs, as well as a range of herbs and perennials that provide nectar for monarchs and other butterflies. Most milkweeds are safe to plant in a garden, but be aware that common milkweed (A. syriacus) can be invasive by shedding excessive seeds and by producing root buds on its persistent rhizomes. Also keep in mind that some milkweeds native to California are not acceptable to the monarchs that overwinter in Mexico and breed and feed east of the Rocky Mountains. In addition, several western states restrict the shipping of plants from the east, so either look for plants at local native plant nurseries, or order them from a mail-order nursery in your state. Similar restrictions affect plants shipped between the United States and Canada. Two Canadian nurseries are listed at the end.

Also check out the article, How to Help Save the Monarch Butterfly, for more information.


Pine Ridge Gardens, London, AR; (479) 293-4359


Las Pilitas Nursery, Santa Margarita, CA; (805) 438-5992


Shooting Star Nursery, Georgetown, KY; (502) 867-7979

Tripple Brook Farm, Southampton, ME; (413) 527-4626

Carroll Gardens, Westminster, MD, (800) 638-6334

Fieldstone Gardens, Vassalboro, ME; (207) 923-3836

Prairie Moon Nursery, Winona, MI; (866) 417-8156

Busee Gardens, Big Lake, MN; (800) 544-3192

Morning Sky Greenery, Morris, MN; (320) 795-6234

Missouri Wildflower Nursery, Jefferson City, MO; (573) 496-3492

North Carolina
Gardens of the Blue Ridge, Pineola, NC; (828) 733-2417

Sandy Mush Herb Nursery, Leicester, NC; (828) 683-2014

New Jersey
Toadshade Wildflower Farm, Frenchtown, NJ, (908) 966-7500

Well-Sweep Herb Farm, Port Murray, NJ 07865, (908) 852-5390

New York

Fort Pond Native Plants, Montauk, NY; (631) 668-6452

Companion Plants, Athens, OH 45701, (740) 592-4643

ForestFarm, Williams, OR; (541) 846-7269

Goodwin Creek Gardens, Williams, OR; (800) 846-7359

Rose Franklin’s Perennials, Spring Mills, PA; (814) 422-8968

Nashville Natives, Fairview, TN; (615) 799-8719

Native Gardens, Greenback, TN; (865) 856-0220

Sunlight Gardens, Andersonville, TN, (800) 272-7396

Lazy S’s Farm Nursery, Barboursville, VA


Prairie Moon Nursery, Winona, WI; (866) 417-8156

Prairie Nursery, Westfield, WI; (800) 476-9453


Wildflower Farm, Coldwater, ON; (866) 476-9453

Hortico Nurseries, Waterdown, ON; (905) 689-6984

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