Photo of the Week: Your Inner Child

Reader Contribution by Aaron Harris
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This week’s “Photo of the Week” has absolutely nothing to do with nature or sustainable living. It has to do with unleashing your inner child.

Let’s start off with the photography aspects of this shot. I am going to assume that it was not Photoshopped. That being said, this is a difficult shot to do correctly. Placement of the Mickey doll has to be where nothing else is going to be lighted by the ring. Also, the light is bright enough and the camera exposure just right where there isn’t too much light in the picture. (I’m guessing that this was shot with a tripod; otherwise, steady hands for the win.)  The basics are down here too: aperture is right on, exposure, shutter speed is awesome. It’s a great shot.

The shot wasn’t picked for its photographic awesomeness, though. (Although, that has a bit to do with it.) I liked the caption that fit the picture, and what the picture made me think of. The caption for this picture was “There is still magic in that Mouse.” For some reason, I think of being a kid at heart when I think of the caption and look at the picture.

It’s Halloween on Monday. A lot of parents/adults are going to stand on the sidewalks — in whatever normal clothes they are wearing — as they let the kids go up to the door in their costumes. Why? Go out and have some fun. Dress up. Be a kid with your kids/nieces/nephews/whatever. Dress up for the heck of it and hand out candy. The point is this: Don’t let the kids hog a fun holiday; share it with them.

Halloween isn’t where it ends, though. You’re never too old to enjoy yourself and do something that you think you are too old for. The day you start thinking you’re old is the day you start getting old.  Why should it be today?

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