Green New Year’s Eve: What Are Your Tips for Hosting an Eco-friendly Party?

Reader Contribution by Anna Flin

MOTHER EARTH NEWS and other eco-friendly publications are abuzz with suggestions on how to usher in a brighter, greener 2010 — from choosing servingware to trying natural hangover remedies. The first step is to plan the perfect New Year’s Eve gathering to welcome (with an organic toast) a less wasteful, more sustainable Jan. 1.

Here are a few of the most popular eco-friendly party hosting tips. For more fun ideas, visit the links below. Better yet, leave us a comment and share your thoughts and plans for a green New Year’s Eve party!

Put Those Plastic Cups Back on the Shelf

Whether you’re hosting a crowd or planning an intimate gathering, plastic champagne flutes and Styrofoam plates are not your best option. Instead, Gloria Dawson of The Daily Green recommends glassware or eco-disposable items such as those available at A list of organic wines and champagnes is also available for your evening of festivity.  

Watch What You Feed Them

Planet Green‘s Blythe Copeland suggests purchasing local and organic foods if at all possible. If you live where farmers markets close for the winter, she suggests shopping online at Local Harvest’s vendors. Homemade appetizers and dips are also a great idea for a healthy and affordable spread.

Recycle Your Reading Material

Before rushing out to buy confetti you’ll be attempting to extract from your carpet for weeks, make your own streamers by taking a pair of scissors or a hole punch to old newspapers and magazines you have laying around your house. The San Diego Union-Tribune’s Jennifer Davies also encourages soy rather than paraffin candles for mood lighting, and notes that it’s okay to skip those hats and noisemakers most of your guests will only use for a few minutes anyway.

‘Green’ Party Themes are Much More Fun

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Above: Creating festive lighting with soy candles avoids the air polluting soot produced by petroleum-based, paraffin candles.


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