Sustainable Green Party Themes are Much More Fun

Throw a green party and you'll have a lot more fun knowing your good times are good to the Earth. Sustainable green party themes use recycled and sustainable products for party invitations, favors and table ware.

| October/November 2007

Sustainable green party themes often include fresh fruit instead of candy for children's parties.

Sustainable green party themes often include fresh fruit instead of candy for children's parties.

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Try a sustainable green party theme with healthy food, paperless invitations and recycled decorations for your next celebration.

Sustainable Green Party Themes

For your next party, why not go green?! Instead of using traditional paper invitations, call or send creative cards by e-mail. If you decide to send paper invitations, use recycled paper.

For children’s parties, there are lots of creative ideas you could try. Rather than purchasing paper plates and cups for each event, have fun combing garage sales for unusual plate sets to use just for parties. You could even let the kids paint a design on plain plates and take them home as a party favor.

All-natural fruit juice, homemade lemonade or ice water is a healthier choice than pop. Instead of candy, put out a big tray of sliced veggies and fruit. Use recycled lunch bags as gift bags and let the kids decorate the gift bags themselves. You could include packets of homegrown flower seeds in the gift bags. For a true green theme, take the children to a nearby park or stream and spend some time exploring the natural areas in your community.

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