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This is a listing of some of the green-themed and environmental films that came out in the last couple of years. Click on each of the links below (or go to to see previews/trailers, reviews, and descriptions of each film. I have not seen all or even most of these films yet, so I can’t say whether all of them are worth seeing. Which ones have you seen and can you recommend?

Click here to see my previous listing of green-themed films; it lists movies that came out between 2006-2011.

Scroll to the bottom of this post to see a list of some green film festivals; those websites provide information on more films, including some brand new ones that haven’t been shown widely yet.

Environmental Films by Category


Seeds of Time (2013)
Symphony of the Soil

Health/Toxic Chemicals

The Human Experiment (2013)
Unacceptable Levels
Toxic Hot Seat

    (Note: Many of the films in the Energy section below also relate to health issues, especially Hot Water, Gasland II, and the Atomic States of America)


    Hot Water (2014)
    Triple Divide
    Gasland, Part II
    The Atomic States of America
    Greedy Lying Bastards
    Promised Land
    (2012, drama)

    Water/Oceans & Climate Change

    Mission Blue (2014)
    Chasing Ice

    Environmental Movement

    Rebels with a Cause (2013)
    A Fierce Green Fire
    What if we change
    (2013) – Entire film is available to watch online
    Green Gold
    (2012) – Entire film is available to watch online

    Animal Sentience/Animal Rights

    Speciesism (2013)
    The Ghosts in Our Machine

    More: See my list of environmental films that came out between 2006-2011.

    If there are other relevant, recent films that you’ve seen and would recommend to others, please mention those in the Comments section below.

    Environmental Film Festivals

    These are a few of the annual film fests that I’m aware of. Please let everyone know about others by contributing a Comment! Many of the festivals’ websites feature video clips or entire films (short and full-length films), and they list many additional, new, independent films, beyond what I’ve listed above.

    Environmental Film Festival, Washington, DC – March
    San Francisco Green Film Festival
    , San Francisco, CA – May-June
    One Earth Film Festival
    , Chicago area, IL – March
    Wild and Scenic Film Festival
    , Nevada City, CA – January
    Mountainfilm Festival
    , Telluride, CO – May
    Planet in Focus
    environmental film festival, Toronto, Canada – November (and Earth Day)

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